Thursday, July 17, 2008

Error, "...Installer Database is Corrupt..." when you install Adobe Creative Suite CS3

Got an error when tried to reinstall adobe creative suit today, well, it is a little frustrating and hairy when this Error, "...Installer Database is Corrupt..." showed up when click on the install button on the installer DVD autorun popup.

Luckily this is a known issue and this is a support article from adobe solve the problem.

Essentially, you need to clean uninstall the adobe suit before you reinstall, and make sure you have removed these files:

Delete the Caps folder if you are unable to delete the Adobe Creative Suite 3 product or they are not listed.

    • On Windows:
      Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\caps\caps.db
      Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\backup\caps.db

    • On Mac OS:
      /Library/Application Support/Adobe/caps
      /Library/Application Support/Adobe/backup

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